What We Offer


It all started when...

Chronic diseases like obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative disorders and autoimmune diseases were virtually unknown to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. We've been told this is because they didn't live long enough to development them, but this is simply not true. It also doesn't explain why we see increasing rates of these diseases among our children. 

Though we cannot go back to our ancestral lifeway, we can use it to inform us about how to reclaim health in the context of our modern lives and life the lives of vibrant health + physical fitness our genetics intended. 

This is the perspective that informs our holistic wellness practice. To help you realign with and reclaim your health we offer the following:

-  Functional Medicine consults

- Integrative Health Coaching

- Gentle + effective chiropractic adjustments and realignments

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