We help people reclaim their innate health and fitness through the combination of ancestral wisdom and modern scientific investigation, using the practice of Natural Movement® and whole-foods based nutrition.


Our Mission

Our founder, Dr. Christa Whiteman, started Evolve Movement + Wellness to address the problems she saw in her practice everyday. People were confused about how they should be eating to realize their best health and many more struggled needlessly with acute and chronic pain from a lack of meaningful, robust and intentioned movement. She envisioned Evolve Movement + Wellness as a way to help people get back to the basics of food and movement that nourished humans for millennia.

We use Natural Movement® and a primal, whole-foods based diet to help people have less pain, more energy, better health and realize their optimal potential. To help you be more capable. More adaptable. To reclaim what it means to be a Human. 

We are meant to grow strong and age gracefully. Reclamation of authentic movement is the starting point.
— Gray Cook

THe MovNat® system

We utilize the MovNat® system to teach Natural Movement®. MovNat® is a fitness and physical education system based on the full range of natural human movement skills. MovNat® trains physical competence for practical performance. The 10 MovNat® Principles include:

  • Evolutionary
  • Instinctual
  • Universal
  • Practical
  • Vital
  • Adaptative
  • Unspecialized
  • Efficient
  • Cooperative 
  • Environmental