Natural Movement® Foundations

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balanced on snowy log.jpeg

Natural Movement® Foundations

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Humans are designed to move, but are you moving to your full capability? Are you exercising regularly, but still need to work on your mobility/strength/endurance? Learn the foundations of Natural Movement® and start on the path to organic fitness.

  •  increase your range of movement
  •  get stronger in more practical ways
  •  develop fitness sustainably for any age

Hosted in the Hudson Valley's only dedicated parkour facility with bars, climbing walls, vault boxes, rings, ropes and more!

Classes held 7:30-8:30PM on Tuesdays at Innate Movement Parkour, 80 Boices Lane in Kingston, NY. 

Pricing is for a 4-week session. For individual class sessions, check out the Drop-In class product. 

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