Natural Movement® Fitness Weekly Workout

Here is this week's Natural Movement® Fitness weekly workout. Please feel to share what you think the comments below. Was it helpful? Your comments can help us make better videos and workouts in the future!

Warm-up: 5 cycles of supine diaphragmatic breathing, 5x front rocking, 5x side bent sit reverses, 3x/side tripod transition

Emphasis: loaded hip hinge 8x, forward jump 5x, loaded strength get-up 2x/side (or cross squat get up 5x). This is one 'set.' Complete 3-4 sets. 

Combo: hip hinge 10x, forward and backward balanced carry- 32ft (chest carry is easier, for more difficulty, press and carry over head), foot-hand crawl 16ft, tripod transition and inverted crawl back the length. Complete this entire combo 3-5x.