Natural Movement® Fitness Weekly Workout

This week's workout was a fun one to shoot! I met up with Dr. Phil Lombardo of the New Jersey Center for Physical Therapy to play in the woods a bit. Phil and I met a few weeks ago and have become fast friends over our shared enthusiasm for MovNat® and its potential as a rehabilitation method for our patients. In fact, we have conspired to host a MovNat® Elements 1-day workshop at his physical therapy clinic in Riverdale, NJ. This is going to be a great workshop, especially for anyone who is interested in MovNat® but is dealing with an injury or condition that they fear might prohibit them. Both Phil and I are doctors- professionals specializing in rehabilitating injuries! The movement skills taught in any Elements workshop are the foundational skills of MovNat®. However, injuries or degeneration can make even these natural human movements more difficult for some. Drawing on our clinical experience and expertise, we will have modifications and progressions to offer to help you achieve these foundational movement skills. For more information or too sign up, head over to .

And now for this week's workout! Thank you for those who have provided feedback that you like these workouts and are using them! Please comment below if there is something more we can help you with! 

Warm-up: Diaphramatic breathing, Side Bent Side Reverses, with reaching 5x/side 

Emphasis: Side Swing Traverse 5 hand lift-offs, Forward0facing Foot pinch 3x (try to you as little swing as possible), Hook Traverse, Downward Jump. Repeat 3-4x

Combo: Foot pinch rows 5x, inverted crawl 40ft., upward jump 5x, foot-hand crawl 40ft. Repeat 4-5x.