The Way of the Hunt

I watch Orion appear in the deep twilight sky as the sun sets on the beginning of this journey. I have not asked if this was intentional with the New Moon or not- but it doesn't matter. It has meaning to me. In the dark, in the depths, is where the seeds of all future harvests are planted. 

My intention for this journey is to reconnect. 

With my deeper, primal human nature.  With the secret, yet unbroken lineage of human hunters who have roamed, stalked, and killed; who have eaten and lived- live still inside of me- inside my DNA. 

With the land that I love. To become native to my place, entwined as new satiated lovers, holding each other so close, borders and boundaries grow fuzzy and fade.

With the other beings of this Earth. To take in my body the body of another- a daily Eucharist to express my devotion and admiration. To let those molecules become me, integrate with my own for time- until the end of my journey when together they flow back into that great River of Life. 

As I step out in the frigid pre-dawn morning, Orion once again presides over the Sacred Hunt, just as he has for human and non-human hunters alike, since the dawn of time.