Weekly Workout

Natural Movement® Fitness Weekly Workout

Hey everyone! After some traveling and some technical SNAFUs, I'm back with this week's workout (though I'll probably have to skip next week because LEVEL 3 Y'ALL!!!!). 

Warm-up: I forgot to film one, but anytime you need a warm-up, breathing practice and 5-10 minutes of ground flow movement are great! In fact, it's a good challenge for ya to see if you can come up with your own ground flow this week- see how much of the stuff you learned in a workshop or certification you still remember! 

Emphasis: Foot pinch to hook traverse to Leg swings 1x each side, eccentric roll-up, balanced split squats for 10 feet, pivot reverse to balanced lateral shuffle to depth jump, side swing traverse 2x, vertical foot pinch hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 3-4x. 

Combo: Sandbag cleans 5x, foot-hand crawl 20 feet, side-swing traverse 8 feet, forward balanced walk 10 feet, upward jump 5x. Repeat 3x. 

Don't be afraid to be the oldest kid at the playground! 

Send me good vibes next week at Level 3! I'll put some videos on Instagram if I can remember (I might be focusing too much!) 

Natural Movement® Fitness Weekly Workout

Warm-up: Diaphragmatic Breaths 5x, Supine roll 2x, Thoracic extension with scanning to each side, Rotational rocking 1x each direction, Side bent sit reverse to shin box to tall half kneeling, 1x/per side, side to side kneeling 3x each direction, side half kneeling with reach 2x each side, figure 4 get up 1x/each side, cross squat get up

Emphasis: Strength get-up 1/3 BW: balanced forward walk with shoulder carry: weighted tripod vault: balanced forward walk with shoulder carry: strength get down. Repeat with weight on other shoulder. This is one set. Complete 3 sets. 

Combo: Inverted row from foot pinch: triangle hang: split landing:balanced split squat: balanced squat pivot: deep knee bend balanced lateral shuffle: balanced squat pivot: balanced foot-hand crawl to squat: SMILE! Repeat 4x. 

Natural Movement® Fitness Weekly Workout

This was a fun one! It is a bit advanced though, so feel free to modify where need to work at your level! 

Warm-up: diaphragmatic breathing 5x, weighted front rocking 5x, half backward sprawl 3x/side, tripod transitions 3x/side, bent sit with reaching to side bent sit, cross squat get-up

Emphasis: assisted pull-up to forearm hanging (focus on dynamic movement) 2x, push press 10x, forward jump to target/precision land 5x. Repeat 3-4x 

Combo: Front hang to foot pinch to forearm leg swing up to tripod transition to balanced deep knee bend to depth jump to slap landing to forward rool. 

Natural Movement® Fitness Weekly Workout

My apologies for being a little behind getting the weekly workout posted. It's been a busy week and I've been trying to make the most of some opportunities to do a bit of foraging. Oyster mushrooms are in abundance locally and you don't want to delay on harvesting them if you can, otherwise they get too buggy. (You can see a photo of the flush on IG!). I'm also still working on integrating all the useful information I gathered during the Wildcrafted Healing workshop with Arthur Haines this past weekend in Maine. What a wonderful experience to hike barefoot through the Maine forest and be present for the copious knowledge Arthur has to share! While gathering oyster mushrooms, I also harvested boneset, self-heal, purple loosestrife, witch hazel and some staghorn sumac to make into medicine (photo on IG!), all of which I learned more about in Arthur's workshop. I shared some of the many uses and benefits of self-heal in IG stories the other day and will be recapping this in the upcoming full moon edition of the newsletter, so make sure you are signed up! 

On my way to the workshop, I got to stop in and visit my dear friend Abby Clark. It was really nourishing to spend some time visiting with her while she is here in the Northeast for bit, help her film a great tutorial on balance that will be available on the Girls Gone Strong blog and go deep in conversation about natural movement, being strong and nurturing our femininity. Abby is a great conduit for those conversations and if you enjoy them too, I would highly recommend checking out her Strong by Nature Women's Retreat in Portland, OR September 15-17, 2017. I was so engrossed in being present for this, I didn't post workout last week. #sorrynotsorry. Sometimes you just got a live your life, be in the moment, you know?

So without further ado, here's this week's workout:

Warm-up: diaphragmatic breathing 5x, front rocking 5x, side bent sit reverses, with reaching 5x, side kneeling with reaching, controlled side to side kneeling. 

Emphasis: clean to front squat 5x (1/3- 1/2 bodyweight), hip hinge to forward balanced walking with waist carry 10 feet, cross reverse, press to forward balanced walking with overhead carry, upward jump focus on soft/quiet landing 5x. Repeat 3-4x 

Combo: Forward foot pinch 3x, to under bar rows 5x, forward jump to precision landing 4-6 feet, 5x, deep squat to backward sprawl 5x. Repeat 4x. 

A note on progression: try to do your foot pinch as statically as possible, that is, not using bodyweight transfer or swinging to bring your feet up. This will help strengthen your lower and deep core muscles- very important for many things, but especially if you are working towards a roll-up! 

Natural Movement® Fitness Weekly Workout

This week's workout was a fun one to shoot! I met up with Dr. Phil Lombardo of the New Jersey Center for Physical Therapy to play in the woods a bit. Phil and I met a few weeks ago and have become fast friends over our shared enthusiasm for MovNat® and its potential as a rehabilitation method for our patients. In fact, we have conspired to host a MovNat® Elements 1-day workshop at his physical therapy clinic in Riverdale, NJ. This is going to be a great workshop, especially for anyone who is interested in MovNat® but is dealing with an injury or condition that they fear might prohibit them. Both Phil and I are doctors- professionals specializing in rehabilitating injuries! The movement skills taught in any Elements workshop are the foundational skills of MovNat®. However, injuries or degeneration can make even these natural human movements more difficult for some. Drawing on our clinical experience and expertise, we will have modifications and progressions to offer to help you achieve these foundational movement skills. For more information or too sign up, head over to MovNat.com .

And now for this week's workout! Thank you for those who have provided feedback that you like these workouts and are using them! Please comment below if there is something more we can help you with! 

Warm-up: Diaphramatic breathing, Side Bent Side Reverses, with reaching 5x/side 

Emphasis: Side Swing Traverse 5 hand lift-offs, Forward0facing Foot pinch 3x (try to you as little swing as possible), Hook Traverse, Downward Jump. Repeat 3-4x

Combo: Foot pinch rows 5x, inverted crawl 40ft., upward jump 5x, foot-hand crawl 40ft. Repeat 4-5x.


Natural Movement® Fitness Weekly (Wild) Workout

Hey tribe! Thanks for checking out this next installment of the weekly workout. This week, we're getting a little wild, with the workout taking place in a completely natural environment. You certainly don't have to do it this way, but the goal is to give you an idea of how you can create and construct a workout without any equipment, just making use of what's around you. (Also see the post 7 Tips for Creating your Wild Workout.)

The video doesn't include a warm-up, but don't forget to do that! Some breathing, a bit of a ground flow through some various seated postures and a few get-up variations are a great way to limber up, get the blood circulating and prepare your brain for placing attention and awareness on your movement. 

Emphasis: Log clean and press to overhead position, balanced overhead squats 5x, log shoulder carry balanced forward walk- 15 ft., loaded tripod vault 5x/each side, loaded overhead squat 5x. Repeat for 3-4 sets. 

Combo: upward jump on to log 5x, balanced crawl across log 15 ft., balanced tripod transition 1x/side, downward jump, push-pull crawl for 10 ft., foot-hand crawl 20 ft.