Natural Movement® Fitness Weekly Workout

Warm-up: Diaphragmatic Breaths 5x, Supine roll 2x, Thoracic extension with scanning to each side, Rotational rocking 1x each direction, Side bent sit reverse to shin box to tall half kneeling, 1x/per side, side to side kneeling 3x each direction, side half kneeling with reach 2x each side, figure 4 get up 1x/each side, cross squat get up

Emphasis: Strength get-up 1/3 BW: balanced forward walk with shoulder carry: weighted tripod vault: balanced forward walk with shoulder carry: strength get down. Repeat with weight on other shoulder. This is one set. Complete 3 sets. 

Combo: Inverted row from foot pinch: triangle hang: split landing:balanced split squat: balanced squat pivot: deep knee bend balanced lateral shuffle: balanced squat pivot: balanced foot-hand crawl to squat: SMILE! Repeat 4x.